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Bob Benozzo

Producer Bob Benozzo...

When it comes to positioning music in Spanish to thrive in an international market, Italian producer Bob Benozzo has become a force to be reckoned with and an essential part of its growth.  His work has become synonimous with the cutting edge success of many recent musical productions, establishing him as one of the most sought after producers in the industry.

His remarkable career is almost too good to be true. At the young age of 34 he has already amassed an unbelievable number of Gold and Platinum records, in addition to countless awards that have earned his productions a permanent spot on Billboard and other international music charts.

While coming from a classical music background, Bob has explored a wide spectrum of musical genres ranging from dance to rock and classic-crossover to electronic music that would finally evolve into his own signature style, a fusion of Pop and electronic music that has become the formula in the success of numerous Latin and international artists.In 2002, Bob embarked on a promising partnership with Emanuele Ruffinengo, a central pillar in the career of artists of the caliber of Alejandro Sanz and Ketama.

This collaboration proved to be a turning point in his career, as the well seasoned producer introduced him into the highest spheres of the coveted record industry, where Benozzo has made a name for himself and continues to leave a deep imprint with his unique brand of musical sound.In recent years Bob has become a pivotal figure in the careers of some of the most important stars of Latin music including Alejandro Sanz, Olga Tañon, Ricardo Montaner, Chambao, Alexandre Pires, Emmanuel, Mario Frangoulis, The Corrs, Ricky Martin & Chambao.

As a producer, Bob Benozzo is always on the hunt for new challenges, searching for originality and experimenting with new sounds, ensuring that every composition expresses the tastes of his audience, ultimately placing him at the top of the music charts. Since 2005, Benozzo has presided over Altavox Studios, where for the last ten years he and his team have concentrated their efforts in the production of well over 100 albums, earning them 3 prestigious Latin Grammy awards, 9 Grammy nominations, countless international awards and a well deserved recognition.

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